Promar is best known for its expertise of poultry and game products.

We offer an extensive selection of certified high quality poultry, game and wild meat to cater to our clients and their customers.

Our poultry is mainly imported from France. We believe in raising chicken as nature intended, and we focus on sourcing the freshest products that are raised with care, far away from mass production.

Quick glimpse of our best selling products:


  • Red Label – Free Range chicken. Raised in Normandy Region of France. Label Rouge is a farming method that is respectful of animal welfare and slow-growing for the best flavor.
  • Organic chicken
  • Corn fed chicken (whole, leg, supreme, breast)



  • Duck liver
  • Duck fois gras
  • Duck leg confit
  • Duck breast stuffed with duck liver
  • Duck rilletttes
  • Duck breast smoked
  • Duck fat
  • Duck breast air dried



  • Turkey whole, 5- 5.5 kg
  • Female turkey breast
  • Turkey leg
  • Smoked turkey saddle



  • Quail
  • Pigeon
  • Guinea fowl
  • Capon (special occasions)
  • Goose (special occasions)