La Cave a Fromage


La cave a Fromage is a division under the Promar umbrella for specialty cheeses, and cold cuts. We are proud to be the reference distributors in the UAE for all cheese lovers. We offer top chefs, retailers and individual catering, the largest variety of specialty cheeses - over 450 different types of cheese and 120 types of meat & cold cuts coming from France, Spain, Italy, UK and Switzerland.


Our added value:

  • Our passionate, knowledgeable food experts will help with selection and offers advice for a unique selection of authentic European cheeses.


  • We offer a customized selection for chefs and retail - there is no restrictions on portions, mixes of origin or chesses in baskets.


  • We provide flexibility as per our client’s budget.


  • Availability of stock (85% of Ultra fresh products always on stock).


  • Competitive prices: we deal directly with producers, there is no middle man.


  • We offer high end training of staff, chefs & waiters. Every year, we offer two special trainings to the Emirates Culinary Academy.


  • We offer support in implementations, for cheese display and decoration for events.


  • Our mission is to support small local producers. We continuously visit small cheese producers from all territories that are still producing the artisanal way.