Straight from our farms in France to your kitchen

Our eggs come from chicken that are raised on organic feed and grown without commercial fertilizers or pesticides. They do not contain hormones or antibiotics.

Because of the superior quality of our hen’s feed and the conditions they are submitting to, our eggs are known to be the freshest all-natural you can ever have.

Certified from France and the European Union, our eggs will guarantee you an exceptional culinary experience.


We offer 4 main varieties

  • ORGANIC - Organic eggs are laid by chicken hand-fed organic diet which contains no antibiotics, no hormones and no steroids. They live in a cage free and free range environment.


  • FREE RANGE - The hens selected to lay our best free range eggs, are free to roam; they don’t spend their lives in battery cages instead, they are raised in natural open spaces.


  • DEEP LITTER - Our hens are free to wander in closed sheds and not in cages; they have the possibility to scratch the ground, something chicken do naturally.


  • DUCK EGGS - Farm Fresh eggs with a rich smooth orange yolk.