Butter, yogurt, cream, fresh cheese… A complete range of outstanding products. Naturally of a high standard, simply excellent, products that are recognized and appreciated in all situations.

We carry top of the line dairy products, supplied by market leaders.


Quick glimpse of our best selling items:

  • DAIRY KHOURY -  Authentic dairy products  made in Lebanon.  Dairy Khoury offers a full array of healthy, fresh, natural, additive-free, preservative-free and color-free dairy products to satisfy everyone's taste.

  • ISIGNY STE MERE BUTTER - Farmed artisan French butter from the milk of cows from Normandy region of France.


  • ISIGNY STE MERE CREAM - Since it has been skimmed off the best milks that our cows produce, our cream is a refined product and carries PDO status with its Protected Denomination of Origin.


  • ISIGNY STE MERE FRESH CHEESE - Our fresh cheeses are characteristically thick and rich in milk solids (meaning that there is less water for a given percentage of fat in dry matter). They are particularly silky and luxurious.


  • FERME DES PEUPLIERS GOURMET YOGURT - Situated in the heart of Normandy fields, Ferme des peupliers offers a large range of yogurts made out of Normandy milk, produced locally at the farm.